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Steering & Suspension

How Steering & Suspension keep your ride comfortable and safe

From making sure your vehicle responds correctly when you turn the wheel to giving you a smooth ride, the steering and suspension system is responsible for how your car handles. It’s a large part of keeping your daily drive safe and comfortable. The steering and suspension system typically contain shocks or struts, ball joints, control arms, tie rods, and sway bar links.  A proper alignment of your steering is also necessary for your vehicle to track down the road straight as well as for even tire wear. Like every system in your car, the steering and suspension should be regularly inspected and maintained to get the longest life possible out of your vehicle and keep you safe on the road.  

Car Engine

When to schedule an appointment

In addition to regular maintenance, you should contact Rozema's Care Care if you notice any of these signs from your steering and suspension system:

  • Unusual or excessive noise

  • Bouncing or “floating”

  • Poor responsiveness from the steering wheel

  • Wandering wheels

  • Pulling to one side

  • Uneven tire wear

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Steering & Suspension Services

At Rozema’s, our technicians will inspect, diagnose, maintain, repair, and replace everything from drag links and tie rods to shocks and struts. We are also equipped with the training and electronic diagnostic tools necessary for today’s vehicles, including Hunter alignment systems for computerized wheel alignments. In addition, did you know that your car’s onboard computer can sense faults in the steering system? Occasionally, these sensors need to be reset, and our technician.

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