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Signs That Your Car’s A/C or Heater Needs Service

Your air conditioner is on, but the air coming out is warm.

If there’s warm or hot air coming from your A/C, that could mean a refrigerant leak or other major problem that’s interfering with the A/C’s ability to cool effectively. It’s best to get this issue addressed right away before the damage to the system occurs.

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There’s a strange smell coming from the vents.

A musty or bad smell could mean a dirty cabin filter that’s circulating odors and bacteria in your car. It could even mean mold is present in your heating or A/C system. We’ll inspect your heating/cooling system and ensure air filters are clean so you can breathe easily.

Your car takes a very long time to heat up or cool down.

Your heating/cooling system is meant to keep you comfortable. If it takes a long time for the air coming from your vents to feel warm when the heater’s on or cool when the A/C is on, that’s a sign the heating/cooling system isn’t working properly. Our diagnostics help us identify and fix the issue so you can drive in comfort again.

Car air conditioner check service, leak detection, fill refrigerant.Device and meter liqui

The airflow from the vents is weak.

Not feeling much airflow from the vents in your vehicle no matter how high or low you set the temperature? Debris in the air filter, a blockage, or a failing blower motor in your HVAC system can be the cause of weak airflow.

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A/C Maintenance

Regular checks of your A/C system are essential to preventing major issues over the lifetime of your vehicle. Most experts recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment at least once a year, or sooner if you notice problems with the heating/cooling system. Regular inspections and diagnostics help our technicians catch problems early, including refrigerant leaks, worn out components, and clogged filters.

A/C Recharge

Many issues with your air conditioning system can be resolved with a recharge of the refrigerant and lubricant. Currently there are two different refrigerants that are used in vehicles: R134A and R1234Yf. Over time, the refrigerant used to cool the air that flows into your vehicle leaks, resulting in less cooling power. Our expert technicians will perform a check for refrigerant leaks and recharge your A/C system to bring it back to peak efficiency.

Heating System & A/C Repair

When you notice symptoms that your vehicle’s air conditioning or heating system may be failing, it’s time to give the experts at Rozema’s a call. We start with an inspection and diagnostics, then work to resolve your heating/cooling issue quickly, whether that means recharging the system and adding a dye to find a leak, replacing a plugged up cabin filter, or repairing or replacing any worn components to your vehicle's heating and cooling system.

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